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Lose weight
& get stronger

And join these amazing people transforming their lives!

Top 5 Tips To Avoid Weight Gain
While Eating Out and Holidaying

Download the guide now, for free, no strings attached!

 Not fitting in your favorite dress anymore?

 Feeling frustrated while looking at yourself in the mirror?

 Need someone to help you stay accountable ?

 Been advised to lose weight by your physician?

 Regained your weight even after following a diet program?

 Facing difficulties with stress eating?

Let’s be brutally honest here that losing body weight is not an easy journey. Technically, you need to be in a caloric deficit to lose weight, but is that it?

Most people already know the mantra, but the real villain is the mindset and the emotional struggles during fat loss.

Losing weight is hard but we know exactly where you’re stuck and how to take you forward! 

Hi, I’m Vivek, the founder of Qubit and we are no strangers to your pain & frustrations.

Trust me, I’ve personally been in your place and successfully overcome those challenges & fears and now we will transform your life forever!

My goal as your coach is to remove all guesswork, help you sail through those rough waves and provide that needed mentorship and guidance.

How will you lose weight?

In 3 Simple & Easy Steps

Book Your Free Call

We will join you on a free consultation call to understand your specific problems, challenges and goals.

Get Assessed By Our Expert

We will assess your current nutrition and excercise habits and work with you to find what’s missing.

Start Your Transformation

We will design your customized nutrition and exercise plans to transform your body forever!

What's in it for you?

The compliments from people on your transformation aren't just it!
At the end of the program, you will also:


Look younger and fit into your favourite clothes again.


Improve the blood markers of your annual health report.


Gain more strength to spend extra quality time with your family.


Feel more energetic, active and confident.


Learn to relish your favourite food guilt-free.


Inspire other great people with your unique success story!


Gain more strength to spend extra quality time with your family.


Inspire other great people with your unique success story!

Our champions have defeated their
weight-gain and changed their lives.

Did everything, yet nothing worked.

The success of any weight loss program depends on how consistent one is. After many unsuccessful attempts at losing weight, Vivek’s follow ups and motivation changed the game for me.


Science based approach to the rescue.

I ended up losing almost 10kg and mostly fat. Even though we only worked for three months Vivek’s program kept me on a healthy eating habit and regular workouts.


In my best shape and officially a size ZERO.

My food sensitivity is almost gone! I sleep better and my skin is glowing. I am continuing with Vivek to guide me further to achieve higher goals of fitness. 


The Program has completely changed my lifestyle.

It was hard going at first but over 3 months, I lost 21 lbs and felt so much better in body and mind. I have learnt diet and exercise techniques that I will carry with me for a lifetime.


After years of being in denial, I finally took action.

I was 224 pounds when I started working with Vivek and I can barely workout for 15 minutes in a stretch. After working with him for 6 months I got down to 189 pounds.


My challenge was consistency. Not anymore!

After signing up for this program, it made me feel accountable for my actions. I learnt the importance of food in weight loss and how mindless eating can cause havoc on my health.


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