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All it takes is some will, commitment and a few clicks!


Our programs are delivered remotely and effectively.

Along with the nutrition, Qubit made personalized workouts specific to my age and needs. He corrected my forms and pushed me to work harder- all that entirely remotely!Β 

Pritesh & Shailee


You are kept accountable.
Its simple, yet game-changing.

My challenge was consistency. I had always been on and off with my diet regimes and workouts. I had never done it long enough to actually see any results. It made me feel like it’ll be impossible to achieve results with regards to weight loss and health improvements. After signing up for this program, it made me feel accountable for my actions.



Our programs are optimized for partners. Its more fun this way!

The personalized program designed by Vivek for us with right balance of diet as well as our day to day routines brought us where we used to be. All without compromises. We are sure that this program will enrich your life with better habits and will inculcate a culture within you that will make you feel guilty if you lose track of your routines.

Sathish & Pravitha


Our digital-first approach makes your experience hassle-free.



Tips, recipes and advice delivered straight to your inbox every month, for life!


Free Merch

Transform yourself at the end of the program and grab your free #QubitSwag!


Inner Circle Membership

With every program, you gain a two-month free access.


Qubit Fitness

The one-stop app for all your fitness needs and tracking those calories!


What's bundled with your program?

1:1 Sessions

We meet every two weeks via Zoom and review your progress .

Personalised Plans​

Our plans are designed to address your specific challenges.


Remain accountable with my guidance and support throughout your journey.Β 

Progress Tracking

Track your progress as you crush milestones along the way!

It's your turn to be
our program's flagbearer.

No fad fitness methods backed by science.

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