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Blunders vs. Brilliance: Breaking down the breakfast

Now, before you say, “I know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, as it breaks our overnight fast. I know everything,” let us tell you, we’re about to flip your breakfast upside down.

Yes, you have heard it right that breakfast is a very important meal of the day but do you know the real deal? Is it really the king of all meals, or just a sleepy-head peasant? Should you be digging into a feast fit for royalty or just settle for a sad, solitary sandwich?

There are so many important questions and we will answer them all, here and now. So, grab the knife and fork and let’s get started with this breakfast blog.


Now, the first question looms large over the breakfast table is…

Does skipping breakfast make you gain weight?


It depends. Are you a proud breakfast skipper by choice, or are you simply a sad victim of your own chaotic lifestyle choices?

Studies show that it’s not about skipping breakfast; it’s about having meals irregularly. Your body’s internal clock, the circadian rhythm, has no mercy and it will punish you for your bad and irregular eating habit by leaving you with a grumbling, unsatisfied stomach that is on a never-ending quest for nourishment. Consequences?

Hunger Games: Skipping meals or eating at odd hours triggers a constant state of hunger and makes you eat like a monster whenever you find food.

The Vicious Snack Cycle: You keep on eating snacks and fast food to satisfy your hunger, but it fails to do that, leading to more snacking and eventual overindulgence.

Calories are the Culprit: And lastly, because of overeating, all those extra calories gather around in your body, widening you inch by inch.

Then, what to do? Understand that it’s perfectly fine to skip breakfast every once in a while if you don’t feel like eating. Equally acceptable is enjoying a healthy hearty breakfast daily. Just don’t eat irregularly. Make friends with your body’s circadian rhythm. That’s all.

But if you ask us, we still suggest that instead of starting off the day with an empty stomach, a good, healthy, well-balanced breakfast can tame the beast within and will keep you energetic and cheerful throughout the day. Moreover, irregular eating habits will lead you to obesity. Do you want that? No!

Also, a good breakfast has so many benefits!

1) Healthy body composition – Proteins and fibers keep you satiated for hours and help avoid cravings and extra calories through eating fast foods.

2) Easy to follow habit formation – Obese individuals can easily adhere to the habit of having a big breakfast. Research shows that type 2 diabetics tend to automatically eat less after a large breakfast compared to a smaller one and a high protein intake at breakfast is more satiating than that same protein consumed at other times of the day- true for at least overweight individuals.

3) Balanced mood.

4) Better food choices later in the day.

5) Better Insulin sensitivity and lower blood glucose levels.

But we know, all this sounds(reads) good on screen. Reality is different. Nearly half of the people that eat breakfast each day claim that their choice is driven by routine. After all, we humans are puppets hanging by the hands of the clock, dancing to the rhythm of circumstances.


So, for all such busy professionals reading this blog, the next section is particularly for you. We are going to show you the mirror by pointing out what breakfast mistakes you might be making.

Top 5 breakfast mistakes made by busy professionals


Skipping the breakfast
Ever thought you could outsmart weight gain by skipping breakfast? Beware! You might be setting the stage for a hunger-fueled rampage later in the day.

Meals high on simple sugar
Breakfast cereals, bottled juices, pastries- high on sugar but low on satiety. They will ride on your brain and you wouldn’t even notice until it is gone down inside.

Lack of proteins
Proteins have a high satiety index which keeps you full and satisfied throughout the day. When your breakfast lacks proteins, it is more likely that you are going to be hungry sooner or later.

Absence of fiber
Same as Proteins. The friendly fiber helps you stay content all day long. No fiber? Get ready for your tummy to demand attention.

Eating too fast
Racing through breakfast? Your brain’s not sure when to yell “Stop!” Next thing you know, you’ve overindulged. Don’t let this happen. Don’t. Just, don’t.

This is it. We are done with showing you the mirror. Now it’s time for you to reflect. First, start by reflecting on the following quick tips to manage your breakfast habits:

Slow Savor: Take your time. Savor each bite. If time is short, prepare in advance.
Protein Power: A protein-packed breakfast keeps you full longer.
Enough is Enough: Don’t skimp; make sure you eat enough.
Real Deal: Opt for unprocessed, real foods.
Veggies for Victory: Don’t shy away from vegetables or unconventional breakfast options.
Go Whole: Embrace whole grains like oats, quinoa, or sprouted grains.
Routine is Royalty: Establish a breakfast routine you can stick with. Rule your own mornings like a monarch.
As we wrap up this breakfast blog, once again let’s salute the unsung hero of meals: Breakfast- which is not just a meal, but the morning battle cry, the day’s first victory, and the reason we’re not hangry monsters by noon.
Remember everything we have told you today. And from tomorrow morning, don’t just start the day, but start the day the right way. 

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