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Hello there!

I’m Vivek and this is my story. It’s time you get to know me better!

The Event That Changed My Life Forever.

My wife and I were sitting at the University of Utah Hospital’s Neurological Office, waiting for the surgeon to share my MRI results. The following words uttered by the surgeon are the most dreaded, I ever heard in my life.

You have a mass in your brain the size of a golf ball, and we need to remove it as soon as possible.

The recovery path was not smooth.

The following 12 months were the worst nightmare of my life.

I lost my hearing in my left ear and my inner ear balance. I couldn’t walk in a straight line for almost six months. Letters looked hazy to read, and I couldn’t play my favorite sport for nearly a year.

I had never been so scared in my life, and I asked the doctors whether I will be able to continue to work.

There is always a purpose and plan in our lives, and everything happens for a reason.

Little did I know that it was this event that will change my life & career forever. Alongside my recovery, I took care of my Nutrition & Physical Fitness, which helped regain my strength and balance.

My transformation didn't just make me happy, but also fulfilled.

I felt delighted and purposeful each time I coached and achieved results for my friends and family.


I got a call from my friend, Balaji, 

“Hey Vivek, I want to lose fat and gain muscle. Can you coach me”

This is it. I coached him and delivered the results. Best decision ever made. Period.

I discovered I am here to coach people to make them fit and get to the best shape of their life.

I found my purpose.

Our champions have defeated their weight-gain and changed their lives.

No fad fitness methods backed by science.

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