7 Day
Weight Loss Jumpstart

A free email course for busy professionals

Are you stuck in a busy routine that does not support sleep, self-care and physical activity, yet want to lose fat?

Who is this course for?

Busy professionals. If you are someone who is caught in a whirlwind of demands that make losing weight feel like chasing a mirage in a desert of commitments, this email course is for you.

  • You are jailed in a sedentary lifestyle
  • You don’t have the time to plan/prepare your meals
  • You find balancing work and life difficult
  • You are prone to work stress and emotional eating
  • You are frequently on business trips and dining on calories-rich meals
  • You are battered by insufficient sleep

Did everything, yet nothing worked.

The success of any weight loss program depends on how consistent one is. After many unsuccessful attempts at losing weight, Vivek’s follow ups and motivation changed the game for me.


Science based approach to the rescue.

I ended up losing almost 10kg and mostly fat. Even though we only worked for three months Vivek’s program kept me on a healthy eating habit and regular workouts.


In my best shape and officially a size ZERO.

My food sensitivity is almost gone! I sleep better and my skin is glowing. I am continuing with Vivek to guide me further to achieve higher goals of fitness. 


Why join Qubit's email
course for fat loss?

I understand busy professionals very well because I was once a techie who was tied to his desk all day, not taking care of his health. I faced the consequences of that lifestyle. That is why I started QubitFit and the 7 Day Weight Loss Jumpstart for Busy Professionals.

Covers workouts you can tuck into your tight schedule

Highlights techniques for managing stress/emotional eating

Proven weight loss strategy despite busy schedule

Tailored for working professionals like you

Includes tips for meal planning and preparation in limited time

Provides tips to eat healthy even on your business trip/vacation

✨ What you can expect?

Day 1

Mindset tips to empower your inner self on this weight-loss journey

Day 2

The nitty-gritty of nutrition

Day 3

Sustainable meal planning and healthy eating habits

Day 4

Workout routines that are meant for max results in min time

Day 5

Manage stress and overcome emotional eating

Day 6

Sleep and recovery tips on catching (and keeping) those quality Zzz's

Get fit

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